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"My experience as an intern has been invaluable. Not only does it look good on my resume, it has given me real world experience on real projects. Because of the Ollie Otter internship, I am able to contribute to projects utilizing the leading edge of virtual reality technology and entrepreneurship at Tennessee Tech. "
"As an intern , I have gained many new technical skills and programs which I otherwise would not have had exposure to. My time as an intern has given me a new skill set and personal satisfaction, but is equipping me with professional skills that I know will translate into a professional environment post-graduation. "
"If you are anything like me then stepping into a new opportunity comes with excitement, anticipation and fear. Since day one, my fears were quickly relieved by the warm and welcoming environment that the iCube offers. Being a sophomore in Computer Engineering I was very confused on what I could offer and what I could learn from this internship. Over the course of my time as an intern I have been involved in developing apps, writing code, and learning how to deploy these apps for general use. Also I have been able to use some top of the line technology in 3D visualization. Probably the biggest take away from this internship is the opportunity to network with people in the industry and learning through collaboration with other students. Over all I feel like a valued member of the team at the TTU iCube.
"The internship has taught me the ins and outs of website development and has given me skills in website management within Drupal. Additionally, I have learned how to work with clients in a professional setting, developed an appreciation for teamwork and understand the importance of skill set contributions to different projects. "
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